Who We Are

Tammy The Pro Home Plus has grown in the capital city of Topeka, Kansas. We have seen that intensive attention to an individual need can make recovery possible and lives far better. The ideals of bringing measurable and standardized services to our residents have been the foundation of our home.

Before we welcome clients to our home, we meet and assess your needs. We look into medical records, personal information and consult your Physician in charting the best care plan for you. The family will also take part in choosing services and activities.

Our team is comprised of experienced caregivers, nurses who can provide the best skills to your loved ones. There are therapist available to come in and see your loved one and be part of our care plan team. A hand in daily living activities and constancy of support holds the best potential of taking clients into an advanced plane of well-being.

If you or a loved one has more inquiries, you may drop by at our home or send us a message. We are interested in knowing your concerns.

Tammy Gonzalez
4304 SW 17th Street
Topeka, Kansas 66604-2446
Phone:   (785) 383-7094
Fax:        (785) 783-7417