Tammy The Pro Home Plus is all about a touch of kindness, truth and tolerance of life. We want to affirm living by giving ourselves to the aging individuals who may find it difficult to live on their own. There are various needs so our services must be entwined with amenities.

This includes:

  • Cable TV  and telephone in the entertainment area and in each suite
  • Call system
  • A garden
  • Visiting hairstylist
  • Visiting Physician
  • All areas are wheel chair accessible
  • Many more

Living is a glorious gift. We strive to hold every life as fragile. Thus, we nurture your health, your psychology and your spiritual wellness. Living with us is easy. Get to know us more. You may send us a message.

Tammy Gonzalez
4304 SW 17th Street
Topeka, Kansas 66604-2446
Phone:   (785) 383-7094
Fax:        (785) 783-7417